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From The Desk of D. Arlando Fortune

Indianapolis, IN

Hey, my friend.

If you want to create a marketing tool that works as hard as you do... regardless of the time of day, then this is the book you want to devour.

I'll Let You In On a Secret Most Book-Writing Coaches Don't Talk About...

As a result of applying the concepts in this book, you’ll have the most powerful tool for generating revenue over and above what you’re currently doing.

It’ll be like having thousands of miniature versions of yourself that people can carry around in their pockets.

And every time they pull out this mini-you, it delivers your best sales pitch. Every. Single. Time.

Using the Signature Book™️ Formula found in The 4-Hour Book Bundle, getting your manuscript done will be as easy as having a conversation with your best friend.

More on that later...

You're Different. But Can You Prove It?

Do you know the typical response to the question: "Where's your book?"

I ask small business owners that question a lot. (Like all the time.)

I'm sure you know the answer. You'd say the same thing if I asked you...

"I'm working on it."

Then, you'd look off into space, searching your brain for where you stored that rough draft or outline on your laptop.

Then, I'd ask you: "How long have you been working on it?"

A part of my heart aches when I have this conversation.

Some part of your marketing genius of a brain knows that to stand out, you need a book in your life.

A book would put end to all that 'I do that, too, but I do it cheaper' crap that other coaches and consultants are doing.

A book would solve most of that frustration if it weren't for finding the time to sit down to write or figure out what to write. Because...

Writer's block is a mutha!

Weeellll... Not so much.

What if I could show you a way to beat writer's block for good?

Would that help you get focused for a few weeks to get your first draft done and into the hands of a competent editor?

I'll tell you how to do it in a sec. Keep reading...

Turn $100 Clients Into $3,000 Clients 

Full transparency… using only the original book's outline and title, I made just under $3000 before self-publishing it.

That same outline became...

  • A complete consulting program...

  • A signature talk...

  • ​Several masterclasses (and counting)...

  • ​A webinar presentation...

  • ​A lead magnet that qualifies prospects before I speak to them...

  • ​A booking agent for guest spots on podcasts...

  • ​The foundation for my podcast...

  • ​And bestseller status (which was cool, but not my goal)

And you'll learn 30 more ways to turn your outline into products and services on page 130.

When you decide to self-publish, you decide what goes into your book and what doesn’t.

Meaning... you can add all of the marketing materials, promo links, or download links you want.

YOU determine where to sell it.

YOU determine the price.

Most importantly, YOU determine where it fits into your marketing system.

You control it all!

The SIGNATURE Book™ Formula works because it was designed to grow a service-based business like yours.

These are some of the ways you'll be able to leverage your book to create multiple streams of income.

As a coach or consultant, you can use your book as a filtration system that pours out high-quality leads that you actually want to jump on a call with.

As a real estate, insurance, or finance agent, you can hand out copies of your book instead of your business card and show prospects how different you are from the rest of the agents in your area.

As a medical, accounting, or legal professional, you can share your unique method of getting your clients results and why they should work with you by offering them your book.

As a software or service company, your book becomes the consumer guide that all of your clients need so that they make wise choices before and after hiring you to fix their problems.

But First, A Warning...

Becoming an author is hard work but not impossible. (That's coming from a guy who took over ten years to write his first book.) 

In 2004, I was a proud member of the Enlightened Millionaire Institute.

Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen taught how to get wealthy in the 2000's by following their four paths.

Initially, I chose infopreneuring - selling information on the internet for a profit.

My goal was to interview my dad about his music promotion business, turn it into a book, and build a business around him.

He wouldn't do it. He wasn't a reader and didn't want to write a book (even if I would do all of the writing.)

So, we went into real estate. And about 15 rental units later, I was ready to write a book about renting to Section 8 tenants.

My mother worked in the real estate business with me. So, I figured she should be the author.

I was shot down again. She told me to write it for myself.

I thought to myself, "Sounds good, but nobody's gonna read a book by me even though I'd purchased almost a million dollars in real estate while working as a server."

But, in 2014, I wrote a tiny 5-page book. (Big deal. I know.) 

It started as a manifesto of how people can change their lives after a major setback. 

All I had when I began was a yellow legal pad and a pen.  

I didn't have access to a computer because of my living conditions.

When I could finally get to a computer, I typed up the manuscript and added some depth.

And I left it.

I didn't feel I had proven myself yet. 

I thought I needed to be an example of the principles of my book. 

Months passed. I did nothing.  

A year passed. It sat on the computer. 

It was 19 months before I did anything with that 20-page ebook. 

And I only did something with it because a coach challenged me to share my story and change lives with it. 

Fired up from that coaching call, I made a goal to write every day. 

That plan didn't last a week.  

I adjusted my writing goal and recommitted to writing 700 words a day for 6 days a week.  

That super-specific goal worked wonders for my productivity and motivation.  

The secret was to pretend. Lemme explain...

Here's where the 'having a conversation with your best friend' comes into the picture.

  1. ​​Ask myself what the reader would ask about the topic for the chapter

  2. Write down the questions they would ask and should ask.

  3. Pretending like I was talking to my friend, I'd answer one or two questions a day.Why you must figure out your revenue plan before writing a word. Skip this, and your doomed to write an unprofitable book - page 7

I already had an outline for the content. So, I wrote on one section a day for less than an hour a day.

Some days I'd put it off until the evening.

I'd be half-awake sitting at my desk with only a desk lamp lighting the room...

...and my brain would cut off.

The crazy thing is my mind was alert and writing without me.

Many nights, I'd have to read what I'd typed so I knew what I'd said. (Later, I learned this is called "getting in the zone.")

Then, it happened...

I missed a day. (I skipped it.)

Then, it happened again and again.

For two weeks, I struggled to finish a question.

I was in my head.

Thoughts about what I was going to do when I finished the book cast doubt across my mind.

Old emotions bubbled up, "Who are you to write a book?" and "Who's gonna buy your book?" and "You don't even know how to get your book published!"

If you've ever said that to yourself, I'm gonna save you from that turmoil.

Here's A Sample Of What you're gonna get In "The 4-Hour Book"

  • If you want to write a book and cannot figure out what to write (or how to get your ideas out of your head), this book shows you how to turn your words into profit - page 131

  • ​How to use the SIGNATURE Book Formula to write a book in less than 4 hours, even if your writing sucks - page 6 

  • ​Where to find all the stories you need to connect with your readers like you're best friends - page 78

  • ​How to end writer's block for good and end the torture of staring at a blank screen and blinking cursor - page 66

  • ​How to use the 3 E's of productivity to create better books than 80% of the market - page 4

  • ​Why you must figure out your revenue plan before writing a word. Skip this, and your doomed to write an unprofitable book - page 7

I had a seminar coming up and wanted to go into that 3-day weekend with a finished first draft.

Having a finish line kept me going. 

I walked into the first day of the event prepared to become a published author.

And a funny thing happened...

The process I'd created for myself was almost the exact same process the trainer presented.

That was my sign. I knew I was doing the right thing.

I was ready to buy whatever they had to offer (because, of course, there was going to be an offer).

Their services cost almost a year of my income!

A few people put money on cards or applied for credit lines to pay the $30k they were asking. I passed on the offer.

Over the next couple of months, I figured out how to create covers (in Microsoft Word). That cost 4 days of my life...

...and weeks of tweaking before I figured out all my colors were off. (Apparently, there's a difference between the color palette used on computer screens and what's used to print books.)

I also figured out how to format the manuscript for an ebook (in Microsoft Word). Not too difficult.

I'd only spent 5 weeks formatting the paperback before it was ready for sale. 

Finally, I figured out how to upload the manuscript into CreateSpace (now Kindle Direct Publishing) and order author copies.

But, you don't have to do all that research and "figure it out" because I've already done it for you.

Here Are Some More Things You'll Get:

  • 12 words that will have people snatching up your book before deciding on a topic or choosing a title. (You get the word-for-word script to use) - page 21

  • You need a publisher, right? Wrong! It saddens me every time I hear a writer say, "I'm looking for an agent to pick me up." You don't need one. This is why. - page 19

  • Never put this in your book's title if you actually want people to buy your book. A rookie mistake you'll avoid. - page 91 

  • ​Your book is being judged. Learn how to optimize the 5 things people judge that draw readers to your content before they open it - page 16

  • ​The 70-point checklist that makes it virtually impossible to not produce a high-quality manuscript - BONUS

Even with all of these practical tips and proven strategies, I can hear your doubt kicking up. So allow me to set your mind at ease...

You already know enough to fill a book. Plus...

You don't need to be on the New York Times bestsellers list to sell enough books to grow a legitimate business.

But if you are afraid to share too many secrets, then this method is not for you.

One goal of the Signature Book™️ Formula is to help as many people as you can by sharing your unique process.

And that's the easiest way to organize your book. Decipher your Signature System and use it as a guide for your outline because...

Some of those readers will become your best clients.

Imagine how easy your sales calls will go because you're talking to people who already know what you're going to do for them and how you're going to do it.

They've already bought in!

A Book Does More Than Make You An Author

I had no clue how to find the right categories on Amazon, and my ignorance cost sales online.

I knew better for my second book but still didn't understand. By my third book, I made bestseller status.  

(All the authors I've worked with on their launches as done-with-you clients or done-for-you clients have also been bestsellers so far.) 

That doesn't matter as much as generating leads, building partnerships and networks, and creating new income streams from your book. 

Because the intellectual property in your brain is more valuable than the book.  

The people you speak with already know how good you are. It's the other prospects that need help learning about you.  

Being a published author tells everyone else that you know your stuff.  

Look, even though I didn't hit bestseller until the third book, I've consistently used each book I've published to:

  • Raise my coaching and consulting fees 10x

  • Book speaking engagements and move from breakout sessions to the main stage

  • ​Pre-qualify leads for back-end products (like coaching, consulting, and courses)

  • ​And raise money for non-profit organizations I care about

Achieving bestseller status on Amazon is a simple formula and a modest outlay of cash (which I teach you how to do on page 121).

It's much easier than you think, which is why other programs boast about doing it for you.

What you want to focus on is creating a marketing masterpiece...

There's a formula for that, too. I put it in  The 4-Hour Book Bundle along with some other cool things...

Here's What Else You Get In The 4-Hour Book Bundle

  • If you want to stand out at networking events, try this differentiation strategy. You only need this one item... - page 43

  • ​You need the perfect book, right? Wrong! Take your business to its next level using Dan Kennedy's simple publishing philosophy - page 31

  • 10 reasons to not write your book from the brain of a 30-plus-year publishing veteran (#7 is the scariest) - page 15

  • Where to find all the partnerships and connections you need for all your marketing. It works so well you might call it a "dream" team. - page 127

  • ​The topic you must avoid if you want your readers to contact you about your service. Other books on writing and publishing don't teach you this author-centered marketing approach. - page 28

  • ​​Why becoming an author is more important than becoming a great writer. ( Leave the literary greatness for those that want to be great writers. You're a business owner and thought leader with something to say.) - page 20

  • Say goodbye to boring chapters that put people to sleep. Bake persuasion and influence into your content using the S.T.O.R.Y. framework. - page 79

  • ​What to do if your grammar sucks and you don't know the first thing about editing... and save over $2500 in editing fees when you use this 7-step self-editing process. (Plus, where to find the software you need for it for free.) - page 81

  • Why you're wasting your time waiting to be discovered by someone who will make you do all the hard work anyway. And how to get paid to self-publish. - page 19

  • ​​How do you get into the writing mode and make it a seamless transition? (Years of scientific research and interviews of prolific writers - from Leo Tolstoy and Ernest Hemingway to Maya Angelou and Seth Godin - have proven the power of this one habit.) - page 26 

  • If you don't know what you stand for and what makes you different, you shouldn't write a book... until you do this. (Hint: it's not about selling a bunch of books.) - page 41

Don't let Your Book be lazy.

This is about more than just writing a book.

Using the SIGNATURE Book™ Formula, you’re well on your way to becoming what I call a Wealthy Author.

Do any of these ideas resonate with you?

  • You offer people a chance to fulfill their dreams & visions.

  • You have a message & a mission that wakes you up in the morning full of excitement.

  • You know a book gives you the ultimate positioning in the knowledge and service industry.

  • You are leading & growing a movement that is bigger than you.

  • You believe the best way to share the truth is by telling the truth.

  • You know that the right book in the right hands changes lives.

Here's the point...

Don't let your book be lazy like most authors do.

They don't know any better. (At first, I didn't either.) 

But now you know you can do better. Self-publish and put your book to work

And as if you don't have enough evidence of how valuable The 4-Hour Book will be to your future, you're probably wondering how to sell your book. So...

...here are a handful of ways you'll learn about how to build a business on the back of a book:

  • ​The one thing your book must have that guarantees more leads. Not doing this will send qualified leads to your competition. - page 101

  • Why social media channels don't matter for your business growth... as much as creating this one asset does. (If you build it, sales will come.) - page 44

  • ​A secret to getting paid your top price as a speaker. You can only use this strategy if you're an author. (As a bonus, you make even more when you come off stage.) - page 39 

  • ​How Kung Fu magazine taught me the truth about book-centered marketing and why you must master (book) sales funnels like the most profitable companies in history. - page 114 

  • ​How to get your first 50 books for free, pay off portions of your editing expenses, and have enough cash left over to buy the Luxury Edition Scrabble rotating gameboard (with the faux ivory tiles, faux leather tile pouches, and wooden cabinets). - page 23

  •  7 ways to turn your expertise into a reliable system. Even if you think what you do is just "something you're good at," one of the questions on this page will open your eyes to the method of your genius. Knowing your system is the secret to scaling your profits. - page 52

Plus, You'll Get T Bonus Resources

Inside The 4-Hour Book, you get all you need to write, edit, and profit from your own Signature Book.

Nothing's held back.

But if you're like many students, you'll want some visual aids and guides to smooth out the process.

So, that's what you'll get!

Check out the book writing tools included in this bundle...


SIGNATURE Book™️ Planner

The SIGNATURE Book Planner is a reference guide through the 5 phases of the book writing process. Print it and keep it next to your desk.


The RACE worksheet

The RACE worksheet is my 4-step framework for breaking down projects into manageable pieces so you can finish your Signature Book™️ at a pace of your choosing.

screenshot of success partner script

​The Success Partner Script

Use the Success Partner Script is a document to give your accountability partner (someone that won't take your crap) to help you finish your Signature Book™️.


Book Profit Spreadsheet

The Book Profit Spreadsheet maps out the products you'll use as back-end product streams to maximize profits. Use it to design a cohesive product suite including your Signature Book™️.


Behind-the-Scenes of a Platform-building Session

Answer these platform-building questions so you know the best audience to launch your book to.


Watch Me Convert a Livestream Into Book Content

This is how to quickly turn video & audio recordings into text and edit them easily using the software you already have on your laptop.

The total value of your bonuses is $189

But Wait... There's (One) More

I simply couldn't help myself with this add-on bonus...

What if I told you that I've already recorded the audiobook and I'm willing to give you a copy of the recordings for free?

Would you think I was crazy for giving away a product most authors turn into an add-on for $17+?

Truth be told, I want you to consume the material.

If that means I must give you the audiobook because you only listen to audiobooks, then that's what I'm gonna do.

Part of it's selfish...

I know the more you hear my voice, the more connected we'll be. (So, now you know.)

The other part is that I'm set on accomplishing my mission of affecting one million lives through my author's books.

Bottom line...

I need you to understand not only the importance of selling your dream and vision to your readers but also that it's just as important to share your message and mission...

So that you can lead and grow a movement (large or small) founded on your beliefs and expertise.

To that end...

Maybe the passion you hear in my voice as you enjoy the audiobook will inspire you or some offhand comment I make will trigger a desire.

Either way, all 13 chapters of the audiobook are my gift to you.

Now that you know more about me and how phenomenal this offer is...

I Must Confess...

Honestly, this consulting-in-a-book could go for $3,000 a copy because that's how much it costs to go through the material with me to get your book published.

But you're not getting my one-on-one consulting here, so it won't cost you thousands of dollars.  

Then again - for all this material - it could be a digital course I sell for $497. *wink, wink* 

Look, I once purchased a 128-page, softcover book for $100... 

We were at a live event, and the author told me it came with videos and an online course.  

I applied everything I learned from that book/course and messaged Marquel to thank him for making me pay for the training. 

But you're not getting an accompanying online course. So, it won't cost you hundreds of dollars either. 

You can have a digital copy of The 4-Hour Book plus the audiobook and the $189 of bonus material for only $7. 

At that price, it's a steal! 

The thing is...  

It won't stay at this price.  

Truth be told... I don't know how long this bundle will stay at this bargain-basement price.  

So, click the "Add to Cart" button on this page, fill in the necessary info on the next page, and click the "Buy Now" button at the bottom of the order form. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is The 4-Hour Book bundle only $7?

First off, it's not a gimmick. There are no strings attached. But you might be the one who wants my help. So, I want to make it super-easy to say yes to all this magnificence (and by yes, I mean with your wallet) and prove to you I know my stuff before we jump on a call.

What if nobody buys my book? What then?

​Maybe you're hesitating because you're not sure if anyone will read your book or if you know enough to write one. Remember, I didn't know what to expect when I began my writing journey. Nobody does. But you can expect your published book and the author's credential to carry more weight than any other marketing you do. You receive all you need to know to make that happen in this short book. Just click the "Add to Cart" button to get it. ​

Can I write a book if I'm not a good writer?

If you're still doubting yourself, I get it. Whether you're not good at writing, don't like to write, or have the spelling skills of a 4th grader... What I want you to understand is that it's never been easier to become a published author. Access to editors has never been more straightforward. My friend, I'm an excellent writer. But my editors make me sound awesome. You gotta get the manuscript done first, though. Hit the "Add to Cart" button and get started on that now.

What if someone's already published the book I want to write?

If you think there's already a book on your subject, then you're right. There is. There are tens of them. And that's a good thing. It means people want to know about your topic. So, if you don't have a large audience yet? Build one with your book. Create your own pool of buyers to fish in.

Can't I find this stuff on the internet?

There are loads of website articles, YouTube videos, and other books on the interwebs. The 4-Hour Book focuses on small service businesses like yours. The SIGNATURE Book™️ Formula you'll learn is designed to persuade your customers to call you and buy your services/products.

How do I access the book and bonuses?

After purchasing The 4-Hour Book Bundle, you'll receive an email with your unique login and password for the membership site where you can download and view your self-publishing materials. You have immediate access to them.

Yes, You Can Really Get The Book And Bonuses For Just $7

The physical copy of The 4-Hour Book goes for $20 US.

Obviously, we make more money selling those. Eventually, we will go back. 

For now, the focus is on getting as many copies as possible into as many hands as we can. 

But, at some point, it won't make sense to keep the cost this low.  

It might be tomorrow, next week, or next month. 

If any part of you is saying, "I think I should get this." Listen to it. It's your spiritual intelligence speaking the truth to you. 

I wish I could personally help everyone who was serious about becoming an author.

Unfortunately, I can't do that.

What I can do is give you all of the tools, strategies, and philosophies you need.

I can put them in a step-by-step, matter-of-fact book so you can start distributing your book like one of those ladies handing out teriyaki chicken bites on a toothpick in the food court at the mall.

I'm serious.

The No-Brainer, Money-Back Guarantee

Marketers usually don't make money-back guarantees on digital products like this, but...

I'm going out on a limb here and giving you a 60-day money-back guarantee.  

If you don't like the book, just email me or call the number on your receipt. I'll give you back your $7 with no questions asked.  

Sound fair?

Claim Your Copy Now While This Offer Still Stands

I appreciate your time. You truly are awesome, and I wish you all the best. I hope I speak to you soon!

God bless, 

D. Arlando Fortune 

P.S. Wow! You've either read this entire letter or skipped to the end. Allow me to recap: 

I'm giving you a 151-page book that walks you through the exact process I use to write and edit self-published books and turn them into multiple profit streams, including coaching, consulting, and professional services.  

You get it for $7 in three ebook formats AND the audiobook.

You also get $189 in bonuses, including two short videos I recorded to help save you thousands in editing fees using the software you already have on your computer. 

Plus, the training shows you how to shortcut the time you spend writing by up to 3X. (You can churn out over 2000 words per writing session in as little as 30 minutes using this click-and-wait hack even if you don't type well.) 

In a nutshell, I'm practically giving away my signature system because I want more small service business owners like you to become published authors. 

Click here and claim your copy now. You'll be glad you did.⤵️

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